October 1, 2019

It’s our fifth pledge and we’re still keeping it simple. We’ve learnt that when you are taking a whole company on a journey to change habits, you have to do it slowly. You can’t make people be greener. But you can take steps to make it easier.

So, have you ever experienced checkout guilt? That moment when you arrive at the checkout and realise that EVERYONE else has remembered their re-usable bags and you haven’t. The person serving you then asks ‘Would you like a bag?’. It almost sounds like an accusation and you have to reply with a feeble, guilt-ridden ‘yes please’.

If you are feeling like that then GREAT! Because you obviously care. And caring is the first step to changing.

We carried out a little plastic bag amnesty in the office. We were shocked to find over 100 plastic bags shoved in cupboards, under desks and hidden away.

So we’ve done two things; we have put a pile together for Ocado to collect and recycle for us. And then we’ve kept a handful to put in a basket next to the front door so when people go to the shops at lunch they can grab a bag…and then return it.

Super-simple. Let’s hope it gets used and in a few months time we’ll be checking the cupboards again and reporting back. There should be NO more plastic bags hidden in our office!

And as if to remind us why we are doing this, our resident family of swans just appeared at the door. After all, they aren’t fans of plastic bags in their environment either.

All the bags we collected in our plastic-bag amnesty
Our plastic bag basket located next to the front door
Our swans reminding us that they don’t like plastic bags either

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