More than just financial data


January 6, 2020

Grand Union Housing Group (formally Grand Union Housing Association) had grown significantly from a relatively small, regional Housing Association to a major player in the market via the acquisition of three other social housing providers.

The change in status for the business, meant that the Group would have an enhanced position within the sector and have higher profile stakeholders including investors and regulators with whom to communicate.

Following a brand refresh to incorporate some of the colour palette from the merged associations, the Group needed to produce its’ first Report & Accounts as the newly formed Association.

This was a vitally important piece of marketing communication as the document would be showcasing the new Group to an entirely new set of stakeholders, and would be presenting the merged associations financial information.

A sophisticated design was used to highlight the Group’s new enhanced status.

Original photography was shown throughout the document, enhanced with design elements to bring the imagery to life and give the whole document a bespoke feel.

Content throughout the report and accounts was broken up with beautifully designed icons, graphs and charts making the information presented easy to read and understand.

Financial tables are simple and clean in design, ensuring this highly important content is easily digested by the reader.

Print and production of the document was key and it needed to feel special and have an impact when it was received by leading stakeholders and industry regulators. 100% recycled and recyclable paper stock was chosen, giving a highly premium feel. A high production value finish with perfect binding ensured the document reflected the Group’s new status as a major player within the industry.

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