Are you sitting comfortably? It’s story time


October 20, 2014

Content marketing is the latest craze in online brand promotion, and with good reason. We’ve all heard countless people preaching about the importance of ‘creating content’. Despite not many knowing exactly what that looks like and how to achieve this seemingly simple goal. But when it’s done correctly, audiences really respond – 90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% CMO’s (according to a study in the US from believe that branded content is the future of marketing.

Clearly organisations providing custom-content are interested in building good relationships with their audience. Reinforcing the message that their customers are respected and valued.

But good content is one of those things that’s much harder in practice than it sounds. How do you create something that will engage consumers? What does good content look like? (don’t look at me for all the answers!)

However the role of storytelling is crucial in creating quality content. Consumers are at the heart of everything – not rocket science – but if your brand doesn’t interest them, they’re not going to care. Consumers in the digital age are not interested in being bombarded with adverts or marketing jargon. We can’t help the exposure we get to these annoying/poorly targeted/repetitive messages. Consumers are looking for brands to offer them something of value.

A conversation.

This conversation must be an engaging user experience.

The conversation must reach them on a level they can connect with.

The conversation must tell a story.

By using the concept of storytelling brands can sculpt a message that resonates with customers.

How should you begin creating this story? It should be educational; have an element of entertainment; have an uplifting or positive message; should revolve around the products or services that your company provides to its customers (and potentially the lifestyle associated with that). Above all readers or viewers must be given compelling material that is worthy of their time.

But telling a brand story is the cornerstone of successful content marketing.

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