CampaignBuzz: Emojis – the new go-to global language?


August 27, 2015

The emoji trend is spreading like wild fire – social media is flooded with smiley faces, love hearts, objects and animals which shortly and succinctly express how we feel. Essentially, emojis are forming the world’s first global language, and now major brands, like Ikea and Footlocker, are even creating their own sets of emojis. You know what they say: a picture speaks a thousand words… So how significant is this growing trend to marketers’? I asked our CEO, Rob Conway, for his view.

What is it that is so appealing about the simple ‘emoji’?

They convey an emotion very quickly. They are a cute, funny and efficient way of communicating, and are recognisable whatever language you speak. No matter how good the writing, words can be misunderstood, which is why the emoji is coming into its own. Visual ways of communicating are being seen more and more in B2B and B2C – look at the rise and use of infographics. They’re timesaving and can communicate more than words.

Is there potential for brands to successfully use emojis to further communications and drive sales?

If you want something to stand out in B2B communications, use of an emoji is certainly worth looking at – it is a fresh way of achieving cut-through for your marketing message. An email subject line that uses an emoji will instantly grab attention – they are playful and allow instant emotional appeal. With the rise of the smartphone, emojis are everywhere, although they are still perhaps better suited to a younger market who use them more.

Marketers’ could act by creating their own emoji sets, or by using existing emojis in innovative and creative ways – which way might be most effective?

Both could be used effectively – it would depend on the brand. If created by a brand, an emoji must do the job it sets out to do – instant communication of a message or emotion which is relevant to both the target audience and the brand.

Is this a fleeting trend, or could there be a future for the use of emojis in marketing?

It will be used until something else comes along that advances instant messaging even further. I don’t think we’ve seen emojis used to their full potential yet, and smartphones are driving their rise. Now, with Apple Watches, their use will increase further – emojis are perfect for this.

by Lara Murphy

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