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February 27, 2015

The last time a dress gripped the world and put us all into a frenzy was probably the one that Pippa Middleton wore for the wedding of her sister Catherine to Prince William back in April 2011, until Friday 27th February 2015 when a simple evening bodycon dress from clothing brand Roman, sent the social media world into uproar.

The great dress debate all began when two friends from Usit couldn’t work between what colour this said dress was from the photo that was shared between them. One of them said it was white and gold, whilst the other said black and blue. They then decided to post a photo of the allusive dress to Tumblr to continue the debate there; little did they know that this would trend globally on Twitter, drawing in some of the world’s biggest celebrity icons and scientists.

The dress dispute has divided the likes the of Kim Kardashians and Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, with them all sharing the 2 variable answers. Between them, they couldn’t decide as well what the colours they were, with Kim voting for white and gold and Kanye, Taylor and Justin voting for team black and blue.

Scientists and experts have since joined in the discussion too to explain to all of us confused human beings why we are seeing these two variations. We’re not going to ruin this optical illusion experiment for you with the answer as to why, so you can Google it for yourself, but what is interesting to note is the two options, from one simple image.

For the marketing and creative industry however, this demonstrates how us humans can translate an image in so many ways, so what could be a simple message to one consumer, another may translate differently to another, all because of the power of their brain and the way have trained it to understand visual que;’s.

Mr. Conway himself could see the black and blue variation of the dress, which by the way, is the correct colour combination of the product in question, yet he then explained that those within the office who voted team white and gold were wrong, but are they? This leads to think that whilst an individual may have the best creative idea in the world, getting other members of your team involved can start to explore further within this idea to eventually arrive at the money making idea. By opening up ideas for discussion, it is interesting to see how what one person may see, may not work for another, which is essential when marketing needs to communicate ideas to vast numbers within your target audience.

In conclusion, since 2.30PM this afternoon, Campaign Works were too, baffled by the great ‘dressgate’ conundrum that has confused the global, and a poll was taken to settle what we could all see. The results are as follows:

Team Black and Blue: 11

Team White and Gold: 10

As you can see, we too are divided, and the debate is more than likely to continue during our Friday afternoon wine club.

So we leave you with one question, white and gold, or black and blue?

by Bryony Young

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