Are good ideas always on the cards?


November 29, 2017

The countdown has begun. In just a few short weeks, Christmas 2017 will be upon us. With it will come some of the staples of the marketing industry: parties, dodgy decorations and that perennial favourite… the agency Christmas card.

But in this digital age, does the humble card still resonate? And are there stronger / more impactful formats to consider than the traditional paper-based option?

From a client relationship perspective, I think it’s still an important thing to send out – regardless of how many cards they might receive. Think about it like this: if a client’s receiving cards from everyone else but not from your agency, how is that going to make them feel?

Agency / client relationships are hugely important, and if sending out a simple card can help solidify that relationship, then surely it’s worth the price of a postage stamp? But is a traditional card still the best option to choose? In recent years, many agencies have often chosen purely digital routes – and from an environmentally-friendly perspective, that can never be a bad thing (fewer cards = less trees cut down, etc.) But then another potential problem arises, with an e-card losing stand out in an already over-crowded inbox!

My belief: that the ‘traditional’ still has a place… even in our digital-obsessed world. In fact, the more ‘traditional’ the better… but with a twist. So, don’t just send a card… send a cast iron example of how you can think. The result: a timely mailing that does several things in one – including showcasing your abilities and making the client feel appreciated.

Send a card like that and you really do have an impactful agency mailing. Then take that thinking into the new year and beyond; after all, great thinking shouldn’t only happen at Christmas.


by Dave Washer

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