Green Pledge #8


January 13, 2020

“When people talked about [climate change] they mostly stuck to the future tense. It’s hard to identify the precise moment when the crisis moved from the horizon of popular imagination to the immediate foreground, but the spectacle in recent weeks of a continent in flames feels like a clear indication that the time of looming has ended and the catastrophe proper has commenced.”

The opening paragraph from an article in today’s edition of the Guardian

Yes, the media do a fantastic job at sensationalising news and indeed, there has been plenty of comment on social media on how images have been exaggerated to show 3/4 of Australia on fire – which simply isn’t the case.

But if you look back in history there are defining moments where speculation turns to reality – this may well be one of those moments and we simply can’t keep going on as we are.

It doesn’t mean however that we should all pack up our modern houses and go to live in mud shacks with compost toilets. Much of the top level strategy stuff HAS to be lead by our elected Governments, But there are enough of us living and breathing on this planet to make a big difference if we ALL start with small steps.

At CW we’ve been surprised at what started as a small initiative has grown into something that is genuinely embedded in our culture now. Every month we agree a simple thing we can do to lesser our environmental impact – it’s now just what we do and it’s not hard.

An it infiltrates the rest of our lives too. If we were to pick the most powerful result from the Green Pledge it would be how much it makes us all THINK. How our awareness of the issues has grown. So much of this is about educating ourselves.

January sees us starting to support the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. Not that local to us (although still home counties) but their initiative is simple; they have been incentivised by Terracycle to collect crisp packets and send them off to be recycled. They earn valuable income and of course the crisp packets get recycled. Just one of the millions of simple ways that we can make a difference. You can find out more here >

If you want to know how to launch a #GreenPledge in your business then do let us know.

Happy New Year – and here’s to a greener 2020


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