July 10, 2019

Imagine a world…without desk bins

It’s July, which means it’s time to announce our 2nd Green Pledge – and this month we’re binning our bins.

Until we started on this team journey to reduce our impact on the planet, we didn’t really notice that everyone has a bin next to their desk. And we certainly didn’t question it. Not until our last Green Pledge brainstorm that is. And what we realised is that desk bins make us lazy when it comes to recycling. If you have a bin next to your desk, take a quick look in it and ask yourself if anything in there could have been recycled.

SO for one month we are going to trial a world without desk bins. Instead, we will have the appropriate communal bins on each floor and we will list the items you can put in each one. There will be a small general waste bin (hopefully not used much because we’ll all be recycling).

If it all goes well and we agree that it’s encouraging us to get up off our backsides and recycle more, then we may well invest in some nice, smart, communal bins. But as the principle of our Green Pledge dictates, everything we decide to change needs to be trialled for a month first. That way we hope that the changes we make, stand more chance of being sustainable.

You can find out more about our Green Pledge and how we got on last month here >

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