Is less actually more on social media?


September 6, 2017

As the only writer at Campaign Works, the task of generating social media content often falls to me. All of which is perfectly understandable, what with me getting paid to both think and write for a living. However, during a summer where our social content has been less frequent than in April, May and June, it got me to thinking about whether posting less could actually be seen as not entirely a bad thing.

Let’s face facts: with millions of users posting thousands of tweets every second, Twitter is not short on content. So, is it preferable to follow the lead of other agencies and be omnipresent, or is it actually smarter to tweet less often? Certainly, different agencies have different attitudes when it comes to tweeting. Some love to tweet incessantly, about everything and nothing, whilst others will only put something in the Twittersphere when they feel they have something to say.

At Campaign Works, our policy leans more towards the latter. If we have a new blog or case study, or if we’re involved in a live event for one of our clients, chances are we’ll tweet about it. We’re also partial to a bit of retweeting from time to time, but usually only if it involves one of our clients.

Is this wrong? Would people prefer to hear all about the minutiae of the everyday lives of the folk that work here at the Sawmill? What music we’re listening to? Where we’ve been on our hols? What our dog got for its birthday? Perhaps it’s all about balance. Some business and some pleasure, to show a bit of us inside and outside work.

Ultimately, as the person that writes this stuff, I think that less is more. Better to be posting content that is relevant and that we find interesting ourselves, especially if we are hoping for others to find it interesting too. In an overcrowded online world where everyone is shouting ‘LOOK AT ME!’ perhaps posting less frequently than others isn’t always a bad thing.

by Dave Washer

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