Katie Ormerod – green awareness video


December 15, 2018

We teamed up with rising professional snowboarder, Katie Ormerod as part of a green awareness campaign for renewable energy supplier, Solarplicity. Katie was keen to help tackle global warming and save the snow – a subject critical to the future of her sport. We leveraged the power of her social network to organically increase the reach of Solarplicity as a brand.

Through simple lifestyle changes, we challenged Katie to make a big difference by #keepingitgreen. We asked Katie to record herself discussing the environmental benefits from switching her standard light bulbs in her home to LEDs, comparing the CO2 reduction to the equivalent of 12 trees saved.

We worked with Katie’s home-shot footage to craft a fun and quirky video with an intimate vibe, preserving the authenticity behind Katie’s desire to do her bit for the planet. The video was simple, quick and real – the best kind of content.

Through leveraging the power of an influencer network, we saw an increase in views of 1025% compared to an average video shared by Solarplicity.

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