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October 31, 2018

The campaign

Renewable, challenger energy brand, Solarplicity wanted to launch their Community Energy Scheme in Stoke-on-Trent with a bang.

The primary target audience were council tenants; a cross-section of society from young families to retired workers, all who have a strong sense of local community.

We wanted to create a disruptive, street competition that everyone could participate in so we joined forces with powerful, local radio Signal 1 and we hit the streets of Stoke with our giant, fibreglass piggy-bank.

This event was also supported by a wider brand awareness campaign which you can find out about here >

Marketing objective

To raise awareness of the Community Energy Scheme to Council tenants across Stoke-on-Trent.

  • Promote the benefits
  • ‘Warm up’ customers for the sales team
  • Bring a ‘feel-good’ factor to the whole scheme

The results

The exposure our Piggy launch campaign received means we reached a high percentage of Signal1 200,000 listeners. Plus the daily, multiple local social media posts reached thousands more.

The sales team reported that after the campaign, circa 80%+ of council tenants they engaged with had heard about the scheme.

The customer service team reported that customers were much more knowledgable about the scheme and as such, confident in signing up.

Since the launch of the scheme and over a period of 6 months, over 5,000 tenants signed up, exceeding expectations.

How we did it

Our big launch came during October half term and we partnered with the powerful, local radio station, Signal to run a week long competition. We ‘hid’ our giant piggy-bank mascot in various places round the city and the first person to find him (after following the clues broadcast on the radio and social media), won £300 in cash.

Partnering with local businesses, we leveraged the power of their local social media along with that of the radio station and made thousands of people smile as our piggy travelled the streets and 10 people that week went away £300 richer.

We also ran a data capture competition via the radio’s popular website where we asked the people of Stoke to name their piggy. He ended up with name ‘Solly’ (Solar panels / Solarplicity – gettit?!)

We created daily social media posts taking our mobile phone footage and turning them into fun, little updates on the whereabouts of our piggy. At the end of this post is the final round up video showing just what fun we all had!

#FindOurPiggy – Day 5 round-up

So there it is. Our Piggy went out 10 times over the week and was found within minutes each time. Our final day brought 2 more winners of £300, and Piggy even got to meet the Lord Mayor of Stoke as well before setting off home.Well done to all our winners, and remember, there is still one last prize up for grabs for the person who can Name Our Piggy. Go to www.FindOurPiggy.com for more info.

Posted by Solarplicity on Saturday, 3 November 2018




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