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Lumesse Easycruit branding and website


June 7, 2016

Lumesse are a global leader in talent solutions. Always innovating, planning and striving to find new ways of finding the right people. Example: Easycruit. A simple yet powerful tool, Easycruit connects hiring managers to local talent pools, completely simplifying the recruitment process through total – and totally accessible – automation. What we did: a complete bottom-up branding strategy, including brand pillars, tone of voice and look and feel. Quirky, idiosyncratic copy created engagement with the smart, savvy, mobile generation and instantly made the brand approachable and familiar; whilst a beautifully-designed, mobile and tablet-friendly website perfectly captured the smart technology behind the brand in a simple, eye-catching way.

Double winner at the 2015 Hertfordshire Digital Awards: Responsive Website Bronze, Best Website Gold.

easycruit_full_page_grey-02 easycruit_full_page_grey-01 iphone6_esaycruit_grey 1200-x-easycruit_phone_page_grey

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