October 2017: Big launch, Big difference


October 4, 2017

Once, renewable energy was the exception rather than the norm. Few alternatives to fossil fuels existed and, of those that did, things like solar power and wind power were often seen as expensive or simply too ‘different’.

Now all that’s changed. Despite Donald Trump’s stance on global warming and decision to take the United States out of the Paris Agreement (a global treaty signed by nearly 200 nations in 2015, committing each signatory to drastically reduce CO2 emissions over the next decade) there has been a real step change in the way people think about renewable energy. It’s no longer seen as ‘different’ or ‘odd’. Plus, crucially, it is now just as affordable (and in some cases, even cheaper) as the conventional fossil fuel alternative.

These are exciting times. People are embracing change and looking for a better, more environmentally-friendly way to heat and power their homes, whilst doing their bit to help save the planet at the same time. And at Campaign Works, we’re helping to drive it.

One of our most innovative, forward-thinking clients, Solarplicity are at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. After starting out as a purely solar energy provider, in May 2017 they entered the mainstream energy market, acquiring LoCO2 – a trusted supplier of 100% renewable electricity and green gas.

Solarplicity’s mission: to provide a greener, cleaner energy alternative – whilst offering people real savings versus the UK’s ‘big 6’ energy providers.

Our key involvement: working as the client’s collaborative, supportive, expert partner to help get Solarplicity’s message out there… with this month – October 2017 – being a defining moment in the ongoing journey of the Solarplicity brand.

Today we are proud to announce the launch of the new Solarplicity website. After months of development and testing, copywriting and design, we bring to market a site that is clean, clear, fresh, functional and informative, whilst above all reflecting the most important element of Solarplicity’s vision and brand: simplicity.

It’s been a journey that at times has been challenging but that ultimately has been rewarding in so many ways. In fact, it’s a journey that highlights just what makes Campaign Works so different.

At no stage has this project ever been about ‘them’ (the client) and ‘us’ (the agency); rather, it’s been about one team, working together tirelessly to achieve the right result. It’s been about Campaign Works being an extension of the Solarplicity marketing department, building a partnership of expertise and knowledge to create something unique and exceptional.

So today truly is a day for celebration. Celebrating the culmination of another outstanding project… but celebrating also that which makes Campaign Works unlike anyone else: a true partnership of our clients’ insight and determination, matched with our passion, commitment and expertise.

You can see the results for yourself here. A fantastic new website that looks good – and makes each and every member of our team feel good for encouraging people to embrace low cost energy that is better for the planet.

Sometimes projects come along that remind you why you got involved in marketing in the first place. The new Solarplicity website is one such project. We’ve been involved at every single stage of the Solarplicity brand journey… from creating the name of the brand to where the Solarplicity brand is today.

It’s what we love to do. And why, when it comes to tomorrow, we believe that anything is possible.

by Rob Conway

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