SACO apartments #Bananatatt Campaign


March 20, 2018

How do you promote a serviced apartment to a creative audience, that we are sure would like to use the apartment, but know nothing about them? Or even know they exist!

That was our brief

To increase brand awareness for SACO a serviced apartment company, presenting the serviced apartment as a smart alternative to a standard hotel stay.

Do something different and stand out – for the B2C and the B2B markets. Take a guerilla approach and show the target audience something away from the norm.

A creative theme was developed  using – ‘You are’. Putting the consumer first – You are chilled, You are at the heart of it, You are here (location), you are buzzing – evoking the feelings that you experience when staying in a SACO apartment.

Now the fun bit, have you ever drawn on a banana with a biro? Wow, it’s so satisfying. Trust me you’ll love it. A bit like staying at a SACO apartment.

The Concept

So the concept was; try tattooing a banana and we’re convinced you’ll love it, Now try a SACO apartment. We would have a social competition that involved posting your creations on Instagram #Bananatatt, for a chance to win a weekend in Amsterdam. Hand out Bananas and pens at key stations to kick start things – and it took off.

Next target those creative types with some brain food. A crate of bananas was delivered to agency’s throughout London, baiting them to enter the competition.

What a result

Our banana stunt created awareness for the SACO brand with a positive response to the campaign just shy of 25 thousand Facebook engagements and 815 social media posts. With 335 people tattooing a banana to enter the competition.

So what are you waiting for? Get a biro and a banana and see how satisfying it is!

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