November 11, 2019

Sometimes it’s just a little bit of creativity and a dollop of community spirit that makes all the difference.

We’ve been watching the #TeamTrees campaign explode over the last couple of weeks. Driven by some of the net’s top YouTubers – my 8 year old son knew more about it that me! Which is what makes this sort of initiative so exciting and effective.

The #TeamTrees campaign gathered momentum as more than 600 influencers stepped up and flooded social media and YouTube with videos and posts to raise awareness about the tree-planting initiative.

Just a couple of weeks in, and the cause has raised a staggering $14.7m (as I write this).

Here at CW HQ, we were inspired by the efforts and so we decided to jump on the bandwagon for our November #GreenPledge and do a simple fund raising exercise.

Everyone brought in an item suitable for a hamper. Then we all bought tickets for £5 a strip and the winner was drawn out of a hat. We raised over £100!

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