The Community Energy Scheme, Stoke


April 6, 2019

The campaign

Renewable, challenger energy brand, Solarplicity wanted to launch their Community Energy Scheme in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

The primary target audience were council tenants; a cross-section of society from young families to retired workers, all who have a strong sense of local community.

We had a strong proposition; save money on your energy bills and feel good about saving the planet.

Council tenants are a ready-made community where word travels fast. We knew we needed to exploit our most powerful marketing tool; word of mouth and so we created a 3 month, multi touch campaign to celebrate the benefits that the scheme brings.

You can find out about the experiential aspect of this campaign here >

Marketing objective

To raise awareness of the Community Energy Scheme to Council tenants across Stoke-on-Trent

To support the sales and customer service team with the relevant marketing collateral to ensure customers were educated on the benefits and the features of the scheme

The challenge

How do you introduce a new, innovative and technology-led energy scheme, to an audience where over 50% are unengaged with the energy market?

#1 Be bold with your message

#2 Reassure through education & familiarity

#3 Keep it local with the focus on the community

#4 Be engaging with your activity

The results

Compared to the same period the previous year (August to October) the amount of new visitors from Stoke increased ten-fold and ranked 2nd (next to London) in terms of the most visitors from any one, single location.

The sales team reported that after the campaign, circa 80%+ of council tenants they engaged with had heard about the scheme.

The customer service team reported that customers were much more knowledgable about the scheme and as such, confident in signing up.

Since the launch of the scheme and over a period of 6 months, over 5,000 tenants signed up, exceeding expectations.

How we did it

Multi channels to engage and reassure

We used Out of Home media to communicate the simple proposition in a bold and engaging way; making use of both static and media spaces allowing eye catching animations.



To celebrate the community aspect of the scheme, we created a mobile ‘hub’ that could set up in different places around the city and draw people in to find out more about the scheme. What better way to do that than give out free coffee (in re-usable cups of course). And our giant inflatable piggy certainly turned heads too!


We gave out flyers and bananas (free energy boost of course!) with energy saving tips to help educate customers on the environmental benefits of the scheme. We built an interactive landing page which allowed customers to find out how they can save even more money by lowering their energy consumption – and saving the planet.


We tapped into the positive community message by sharing photos of our winners from the prize draw and testimonials to reassure and further communicate the benefits.


We ran a Facebook campaign along side PPC to drive online users to our website. In terms of traffic, Facebook out performed the other channels, further highlighting the strength of the community aspect of this campaign.


We built a powerful, intelligent web app which allowed customers to get a bespoke energy quote based on their energy consumption.


We created customer support collateral – both print and digital to ensure the customer journey was communicated clearly. We created weekly dashboards to communicate the KPIs for the campaign to the council


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