The fastest energy-switching tool in the market


March 26, 2019

Renewable energy provider, Solarplicity, is a challenger brand in a crowded energy market. Working with the client, we focused on what customers want from their energy provider – a frustration-reducing, no-nonsense online experience – to help Solarplicity stand out from the crowd.

With today’s complicated industry jargon and mind-boggling tariff information, energy customers might think that switching energy provider is just too much hassle. Our challenge was to build a market-leading online tool that allowed customers to get a quote and sign up as quickly and easily as possible, reducing the amount of barriers to switching.

We made the user experience clean and easy to follow by streamlining the number of steps, minimising the number of data-input fields required to progress, and highlighting the savings that customers will make using straightforward graphics and clever calculations. We carefully applied friendly and concise copy throughout to guide customers through the process and inform them that they are only a short step away from completion.

Following launch of the new online experience, analytics specialists, Formisimo, reviewed the online quoting and sign up tools of 39 energy suppliers in an independent study. The findings: Solarplicity’s online tool was the fastest, taking only 75 seconds on average to complete the quote and switch process, therefore encouraging prospective customers to convert.

To cater for more detailed energy customers, we also provided users the option to ‘refine their quote’ after initially receiving a quick quote. With this, they could enter in precise, energy usage and tariff information from their bill to receive the most accurate quoted price possible, and still sign up quickly and easily.

“[Solarplicity are] incorporating frustration-reducing, user-friendly form design into their marketing strategy.” Formisimo


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