Travel with Purpose


February 7, 2020

Hilton have always been pioneers and leaders – not just in hospitality but also Corporate Social Responsibility. As one of the first organisations to react to the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development goals, Hilton were early adopters of a set of initiatives focussed on sustainability, diversity and local communities. As pressure from both activists and global governance has increased, and as we watch in horror as the climate crisis unfolds, Hilton continue to step up to the challenges that humanity faces.

Hilton’s sense of deep-rooted, corporate responsibility has manifested itself in an umbrella initiative called ‘Travel with Purpose’. As the organisation celebrated its 100th year in 2019, it simultaneously looked to the future and set out its own 2030 sustainable goals. CampaignWORKS were asked to create a film that brought these ambitious plans to life for a global audience of millions.

The biggest challenge when communicating the goals and plans of a corporate giant it translating them into an engaging story. This film had to not only connect with the audience but also move its 42 thousand employees and stakeholders to act. This brief wasn’t to preach the green message but instead to recognise Hilton’s place as a leader that needs to lead and inspire others to follow.

Therefore the message needed to be simple and translatable, especially as Hilton are in 118 countries and serve over 178 million guests annually. The film needed to move away from Hilton’s standard infographic style and break new ground in a new, evocative form. Thousands of hours of footage was reviewed – from films we had art-directed across the globe, through to stock footage that would evoke emotion and understanding.

The film was a critical part of a world-wide campaign to launch Travel with Purpose and it has since become the most widely used communication tool within that campaign. It is played daily in the rooms of over 6100 hotels and it forms the backbone of every Hilton conference and many events.

Hilton’s Travel with Purpose programme is now firmly embedded within its culture and continues to evolve and manifest in new and innovative ways. CampaignWORKS are very proud of our contribution to this global programme.


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