We can all learn from work experience


April 2, 2019

School is a crucial time in our lives – but with no experience of the workplace, deciding what to do in the future might leave young students perplexed and unsure. For example, you might see marketing around you every day, but how do you know what it’s actually like to be a ‘marketer’?

Well, CampaignWORKS recently welcomed eager, young school intern, Natasha, to experience the world of marketing for a week – and it’s clear that we all benefitted from the experience.

Natasha is currently in year 10, studying for her GCSE’s. We wanted to provide a comfortable and positive learning experience that helps her not only learn about marketing, but to develop essential skills for the workplace.

Natasha worked on relevant projects with our account handlers and creatives, spending time with different areas of our studio – creative, video, production, design and digital. It’s clear that this variety helped to demonstrate Natasha’s ability in different areas – even our Executive Creative Director was impressed with her creative briefing skills!

Here’s what Natasha had to say about her experience:

“Before coming to the workplace, I thought I would have nothing to do and everyone would be too busy with their own work to take time to help someone on work experience. However, it was completely different! Everyone was very welcoming and I spent time with different people each day. They talked about their own role within marketing and showed me how they produce their work.

I worked on many different projects during the week, such as writing my own creative brief, presenting ideas based on marketing campaign topics, and conducting client competitor research. My favourite piece of work was the presentation as there were many ways I could interpret the topics, whereas the most challenging project was the creative brief, as I had to think hard about ways to persuade someone to buy a new product.

It’s clear that marketing is very interesting and I learnt that people with many different skills have to work together to be successful. I thought that work could be dull and boring, but the people here really make it a fun environment! I didn’t know what style of job to do when I’m older but this experience will help me in the future and has shown me that I could work in an office like this.”

Alex Sewell
Account Manager

P.S. Thank you for the selection of doughnuts Natasha – you can come again!

Natasha with two of our account handlers, Carina and Alex shortly after presenting some marketing ideas to them. Great job Natasha!

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