We’re in hot water all the time


April 18, 2019

One of the biggest criteria we had when we moved office, was that we had to be sustainable and as green as we could be. 

There was a need for our new building to reflect our principals. We found one, and it’s been six years since we moved in. 

Set in the grounds of Hatfield house, a former Sawmill that had suffered from years of neglect and eventually a fire. The estate had recently fully refurbished and modernised it, including; fully insulated (some of our walls are now 2ft thick!). Double glazing throughout. And the wonderful High spec Geo thermal heating system. That’s where we get all of our heating from –  the nearby lake. The type of thing you see on Grand Designs.

Using the lakes natural thermal inertia, the heat is extracted and warms our office to a nice toasty temperature. Using less energy. It’s been six years now and we can honestly say that we highly recommend this way of heating an office (as long as your building can).  

All this fits in nicely with our aim to be the greenest agency we can be. We recycle as much as we can and use as many sustainable products that we can.  

Now how else can we improve our green credentials?

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