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A platform to show off their people and demonstrate their expertise

ASL approached CampaignWorks to design and build a bespoke brochure website to replace their current aging site. The new site was to provide credibility and represent their breadth of skills as well as a means of establishing their expertise across the board.

ASL built their reputation on providing loss adjusting and forensic accounting services within the insurance sector. Their reputation in this area is established and robust, but they are now looking to establish their profile in other sectors of professional liabilities. COVID-19 presented an opportunity in business Interruption for all financial brands to demonstrate their forensic accounting expertise.

We designed a brand-new, contemporary, smart and dynamic visual style for the new website, including a new typeface for web, and new strapline. The website was designed for desktop-first, but fully responsive for mobile devices. ASL's range of services was clearly and equally presented, and the site was overall more ‘people-focused’. It was, specifically, important for ASL to establish their credibility in new business sectors such as Trade Credit and Cyber Crime without compromising their well-established reputation as specialists in traditional Financial Lines. Therefore, the new strap line – Experts in Financial Risks – successfully met this brief and was integral to the ‘look and feel’ of the new website.

Prior to the new website, the digital profile of ASL was very low, with little engagement on LinkedIn and minimal published insights by the team on industry platforms. ASL needed the new website to have functionality that would actively increase the profiles of the team. This has been achieved by putting the ASL team at the forefront of the website with links to their individual insights on industry matters. With separate streams for news, insights and case studies the site is now engaging and links directly to LinkedIn, which in turn, has dramatically increased the following of all team members.

Big improvements were made to the UX of the site, including completely reimagining the architecture and navigation, improving the contact page by using live maps and reconsidering the UX of the contact form, and designing the website to be more 'modern' and clear.

ASL needed an easy-to-manage CMS in order to constantly update their team profiles and post content. We built a site using a stripped-down and simplified WordPress-powered CMS behind a hand-coded and completely bespoke front-end.

SEO is a highly important consideration to ASL, and careful thought went into every change and addition we made to the new site. We made sure any positive SEO from the previous site was handled correctly and incorporated into the new build, while improving SEO by delivering a fast and technically superior website.

Testimonial from David Ledger, Director, ASL International - ‘Working with CampaignWorks on our new website design was a real revelation. First, their high-quality alternatives for the design all met the brief and all impressed. Then the advice as to how to make the content stand out, on all types of devices, really helped us get our corporate message across. We’re delighted with the result.’

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