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A mammoth event held over four days with acrobats, tumblers, augmented reality, fine food, VIPs, showcases, projection mapping and awards. And that’s only the first day!

Every two years the Hilton General Managers and Commercial teams from Europe, Middle East and Africa get together to be updated and educated on the latest news and initiatives for the company in the future. Introductions and presentations from the President and Chief Executive Officer, Chris Nassetta and other high-profile members of the Hilton Executive team. Workshops, meetings and a showcase of every brand and department within the global organisation. Not to mention an Awards dinner and a closing night party. Oh, and 1,200 delegates would be attending!

A showcase of over 44 stands had to be catered and two Augmented Reality rooms. A supersized wellbeing room and an entire lecture suite created in imitation grass, floor, seats and walls! Projection mapping of the full exterior. The whole hotel venue was taken over.

Location, Dubai: A beautiful city with guaranteed sunshine.

Eight floors, five meeting rooms, two restaurants, three stage presentations, Broadway quality entertainment and another hotel venue and restaurant, over three days.

Logistics had to be 100% accurate - moving 1,200 delegates from one floor to lunch and then to the showcase and back, doing a quick changeover and set up for an awards night, meant military precision was needed.

The whole event went smoothly, with some humbling praise from the event hosts. The Showcase proved so successful that it has now become the template for similar events in the Americas and Asia Pacific regions.

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