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Travel With Purpose


Video to inform about Hilton's CSR plans

Hilton have 18 brands with more than 6,100 hotels in 119 countries. They want to, and have a responsibility to minimise their impact on the environment and support the communities that they are part of.

To mark their 100th year they pledged one of their biggest goals to date - cut their environmental footprint in half and double their investment in social impact by 2030.

Hilton wanted to redefine the meaning of sustainable travel. All through responsible hospitality across their value chain. It’s not just about managing energy, water and waste. They wanted to make a real commitment to preserving natural resources and contributing to a low carbon future and a better world.

But what would be the most powerful way to get your message out there?

With a little help from Hilton’s President and CEO, Chris Nassetta, we compiled a thought-provoking video that outlined these brave goals. Bold statements were outlined with commitment, conviction and compassion. Supported with captivating, striking imagery, the end result was a video that was shown at their 100th years celebrations – and shared and shared again across the globe.

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