Motto by Hilton.


Motto by Hilton


Mock-up bedroom


Bring the architect's drawings to life

A new concept, a new way to stay in a hotel. This fresh approach to modern travel culture is a micro-hotel with an urban vibe in prime global locations.

The emerging lifestyle hostel model is becoming a global hit, coupled with the opportunity to enhance your experience in a shared room concept, it is totally unique. Introducing Motto by Hilton.

A virtual flythrough showing off this concept was planned but with only architects’ drawings for reference and no mock-up rooms built yet. It was going to be a challenge.

Three different types of room, all with connecting doors so you can share your experience with family or friends while giving you the flexibility to create a suite if you wanted. A complicated proposition which we had to simplify.

Using the detailed build specification for the project and the architect’s drawings, a 3D model was created of the three different room types. Enhanced feature details including folding beds also had to be incorporated, subtle but realistic lighting added and chosen sanitary ware was carefully constructed.

A high level of production was added to the film creation to produce an animated fly-through. The film has been universally adopted by our client’s development teams to secure new hotel deals for the brand in EMEA.

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