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Indoor Air Quality


Position us as a thought-leader on Indoor Air Quality

Raising awareness for the important topic of Indoor Air Quality, positioning a market-leader in manufacturing solutions, as a though-leader at the forefront of the issue.

Mitsubishi Electric offer solutions to improve indoor air quality for both commercial and residential properties, but with a clear demand for greater market-awareness to the issue our client wanted to be at the fore-front of thought-leadership and encouraging behavioural change within wider society.

We started our approach with awareness, producing an engaging and informative infographic and video; highlighting the issue, the causes and the solutions.

This was quickly followed up with a webinar led by Mitsubishi Electric, all promoted on their social channels to build the conversation and encourage industries to act.

We’ve successfully partnered Mitsubishi Electric with Clean Air Day, Global Action Plan and signed them up to the Living Well Alliance Scheme run by the British Lung Foundation, creating partnerships that will continue throughout the year to raise awareness and bring about positive change within society. For example, reducing air pollution levels by 20% could improve children’s ability to learn by one month per year. A story successfully picked up by all the major papers following the Clean Air Day live event, where a Mitsubishi Electric representative spoke on an industry panel, throughout the day the topic was trending topic on Twitter, and it was the most used hashtag by MPs.

Mitsubishi Electric’s dual branded posts on Clean Air Day reached over 25,000 users across their social platforms, with a trending hashtag on twitter.

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