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With an industry reluctant to install a Hybrid Air Conditioning system that used water - education was the only answer. Break out the hoverboard!

When you have one of the countries best-selling air conditioning systems and want to make it greener, you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers. Mitsubishi Electrics VRF systems have been installed in thousands of buildings. Installers know every little detail. Specifiers know every specification and regulation they adhere to.

So, when Mitsubishi Electric introduced their Hybrid VRF system, which utilised water in occupied spaces, rather than refrigerant, plus switching to the more environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant. There was resistance. Just the mention of water to an air -conditioning installer sends shivers down their neck.

To a contractor, “I’ll need to employ a plumber as well as an air-conditioning specialist. Specifiers – “It’s easier to just specify what I know and trust, I don’t want anything new.”

So, how do we convince them that they are more than capable than installing the water pipes? It can be installed by the same person. And it’s safer.

Using two pipes rather than four means install is easier than using traditional refrigerant. There is no need for leak detection, with water being the only substance in occupied spaces. Adding to the benefits of the product. As well as meeting future requirements HVRF system is little different from the highly popular VRF systems.

We needed something that would catch their imagination. Something that they would notice. Looking through the trade press, which is just full of product packshot, after product packshot.

The strapline “don’t be afraid of the water” was adopted. A striking image of a hoverboard was chosen. Giving the ad’s real standout. You wouldn’t be afraid of this new water experience while on holiday, so why be afraid of the new Hybrid VRF form Mitsubishi Electric? Once you’ve mastered it – you’ll be flying! As an added incentive you could win a water hover board experience.

An email campaign also followed in conjunction with the appropriate trade press for Installers, Specifiers and Contractors.

The launch attracted a lot of attention and Hybrid VRF the market leading solution for occupied spaces within two years of launch.

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