Product Launch


A display of our creativity for Optoma’s new web site

Optoma, the world leading manufacturer of large display screens.

Optoma, needed help designing their website to promote their latest interactive flat panel display. Aimed at schools and businesses it needed to be flexible enough to convey the benefits across both sectors. With many new innovations to be highlighted and a tight deadline imposed by an impending exhibition the pressure was on.

We started by developing a strategy that highlighted the many benefits, distance learning capabilities, a creative board with an infinite canvas meaning you will never run out of space to be creative. An ultra-intuitive pen that instantly opens the program that is needed and a floating toolbar that that moves where you want it to on the screen, eliminating those awkward stretching across the screen moments.

We established the need for a new style of imagery that could be used on websites brochures and in social.

The CW team quickly came up with a creative strategy all based and developed on customer feedback, meaning that all the new improvements were just what the audience were looking for. Next, the wireframes and image comps followed. When approved, an interactive brochure was created, all supplied in time for the launch at the exhibition.

The strategy and creative has positioned Optoma as the premier interactive display brand, in the office and education sector, based on customer insight and intuitive software operating system.

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