Video Editor


We are CampaignWorks, an integrated creative consultancy partnering with a great range of well-known brands. We’re operating and launching both UK and global campaigns. Our people bring success to clients in sectors that many traditional agencies are struggling to navigate and we’re now looking for our next player..
We are currently looking for an
assistant video editor with relevant experience to join our fabulous team.

Experience and skills on using the following software:

  • After Effects

  • Premier Pro

  • Illustrator

Bonus points for skills or knowledge in any of the below:

  • 3d modelling

  • Use of Photoshop

What does the job require?

As an assistant video editor, you will be responsible for the editing and assembly of a video’s materials. These materials will include camera footage, dialogue, sound effects, graphics and special effects. An assistant video editor is responsible for:

  • Organizing video content with video-editing software

  • Working with the creative director and lead video editor to determine the overall vision

  • Editing scenes based on the director’s vision

  • Reviewing storyboards, scenes and scripts

  • Obtaining and assembling raw footage

  • Synchronizing sound and story

  • Creating a rough cut for reviews

  • Staying abreast of the changes in the industry

An assistant video editor can also work on a multitude of projects. These projects may include commercials, corporate videos and social media content.

What personal skills do you need?

Skill #1: attention to detail

Even the smallest error will be noticed by the client and the video audience. It is important as an assistant video editor to be thorough and manage every detail of the video editing process.

Skill #2: good memory

It will be up to you, as the assistant video editor, to keep the videos timeline straight and remember all the nuances of the video content. How is the video content ordered? Some scenes in a video can be created out of sequence and it is your responsibility to assemble the video according to the creative director’s storyboard and vision.

Skill #3: follow through

Once you start editing a video, the job doesn’t end until you have a final product. Understanding the director’s complete vision is important. Part of following through is the ability to stay calm during high-stress situations. In addition, you will need to have a commitment to high-quality content.

Skill #4: communication

Both verbal and written communication are important. Some of your time will be spent working with others, after set and when editing the final version of the video. You must also have a high aptitude for written communication as you will spend time reading new and revised scripts.

Skill #5: active listening

Part of being a video editor means listening to the creative director and understanding their briefing sessions. You will need to give your full attention to what others are saying during the revision process and ask appropriate questions.

Skill #6: work well with others

You will need to ask the lead editor and creative director questions about what vision they have and how they want you to edit the video. As an assistant video editor, you will also work closely with the creative team and client service managers.

Skill #7: flexible

Throughout the video production process there will always be changes so you will need to be flexible and adaptable.

Please send your CV along with link to your showreel to