Sustainable Development.




A series of social videos


Communicate Goodman's commitment to Sustainable Development

Engaging with new customers on Social Media is essential in 2020. For Goodman, this meant a consistent approach to communicating their core values and commitments.

Goodman wanted to highlight their growing commitment to Sustainable Development within their projects. Reaching an audience during the 2020 lockdown wasn't going to be easy.

The green commitment message had to cut through the many green consumer messages out there already and could easily get lost, so a creative solution had to be found. Through working with Goodman to identify the key benefits and commitments, a script was devised.

A social campaign comprised of short video sequences that told the story in an entertaining and interesting way, using simple animation to enforce brand recognition and literally 'draw a picture' of the green message they wanted to tell.

To maximise budget, a master animation video was created in-house that was then cut down into social bite-size clips. Giving the overall message a quick digestible approach that was not only engaging but informative

An initial teaser video shared on LinkedIn received an impressive 10k views in the first week of sharing.

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