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In a highly competitive environment, how do you convince customers to join your health club - rather than any one of the many other gyms available?

LivingWell Health Clubs have always had a strong differentiation within the industry – ‘Personalised Fitness for Life’. Meaning that as a LivingWell member, you are much more than just a number, you will be given an ongoing fitness and a well-being program especially tailored towards your own specific lifestyle and goals. This is a strong proposition and one that works – retention levels for memberships at the clubs are always high. But how do we convince new members to join ‘The Club that Cares?’.

We removed the barriers to join by offering all new members one month free, plus no joining fee for the months of January and February 2020.

Using our colourful, dynamic brand look and feel, the campaign really highlighted the fact that a LivingWell membership is tailored especially for you ‘Your Year. Your Goals. Our Support’.

An integrated approach for the campaign was adopted and we looked carefully at the volume of printed communications vs digital channels. Using all of the data at our disposal, we analysed historic sources of joining, removed 80% of the direct mail spend and re-allocated this across digital channels.

This change in strategy worked – LivingWell outperformed targets in all regions of the UK.

The campaign delivered:
4% growth in new joiners year on year.
380% growth in new joiners via social media year on year.
3% increase in Facebook followers during the campaign period.
15% growth in social media followers year on year. 
Sponsored campaign post achieved a reach of 133.2k and engagement of 43.7k

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