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Promoting the ski destination of Wilder Kaiser

Why choose one alpine ski destination over another? Surely they are all the same? Wilder Kaiser is a beautiful location with some of the best ski slopes in Europe. All complete with extra warm, welcoming Austrian hospitality.

Breath-taking scenery aside, Austria is a magical place to visit and an exhilarating place to ski. To put Wilder Kaiser on the top of the shopping list of skiers in London, we created a series of impactful 48 sheet tube posters designed to put the destination right in front of our target audience.

Using striking imagery of this stunningly picturesque resort - a conservation region in the Austrian Alps - the poster campaign showed skiers enjoying themselves on the slopes of Wilder Kaiser, giving our target audience a tantalising taste of what they could be experiencing.

As commuters battled their way into work, the posters pointed out that ‘Rush hour’ in Wilder Kaiser was a rather more gentle, less crowded commute.

The advertising campaign certainly created impact and raised awareness plus won two top awards for creativity within the Austrian travel and hospitality industry.

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