CampaignBuzz: Practising what we preach


April 6, 2017

We live in exciting times – but also at a time of great change. We live in a world that is seeing increasing pressures placed on its’ natural resources, with the switch to cleaner, greener energies no longer simply a case of ‘if’ but ‘when’. In many ways, the advertising and marketing industry reflects our greater society as a whole, which means that we too have a responsibility to embrace new thinking when it comes to our planet’s future. And I’m pleased to say that, at Campaign Works, we have taken a lead in this area.

One has only to look at our client list to see the types of forward-thinking companies and brands we work with when it comes to energy, utilities and natural resources: from Affinity Water to Solarplicity, Mitsubishi Electric to DW Windsor, these are industry-leaders… each one dedicated to offering real solutions to help save energy and preserve our environment for future generations.

It’s a subject that I, personally, am passionate about, and I could not be prouder of the partnerships we have built – and continue to build – with these innovative industry leaders.

Whether it’s Affinity Water’s dedication to encourage our communities to use less water or DW Windsor’s tireless focus on smart, energy-saving LED technology… Mitsubishi Electric’s drive to encourage businesses and hotels to switch to cleaner, greener heating and cooling solutions, or Solarplicity’s efforts to tackle fuel poverty and encourage all of us to choose 100% renewable energy solutions.

All these companies are part of the solution to the ongoing environmental issues our planet currently faces – and at Campaign Works, we are proud to play our own part in supporting and encouraging their efforts… not simply through our compelling strategic marketing partnerships, but in ways that are a lot more ‘hands on’ too.

Some weeks ago, I watched the fascinating and timely Leonardo DiCaprio documentary, ‘Before the Flood’. It is something I would urge everyone to see – and it left an indelible mark on my mind. It made me realise (if I didn’t realise it beforehand) that all of us have an opportunity to do something about climate change… and that none of us can afford to simply stick our head in the sand and claim it’s ‘nothing to do with me’.

The fact is, climate change affects every single person on the planet – and those of us that can do something about it have the moral obligation to do so.

My position is simple – and extremely clear: I want Campaign Works to be the UK’s first 100% renewable, carbon neutral agency. From the cars we drive to the way we produce the energy we need to run our business, the onus is on us to take the lead. What we’re doing: generating much of our office’s heat from a sustainable ground source pump, whilst actively looking at ways to get the old water wheel working again. An innovative, 21st century marketing and communications agency, harnessing the inventions of the past to tackle the environmental challenges of today – now that is a story that I think is worth telling!

So, for us, as a business, it’s not simply about a ‘nice to have’ CSR policy; it really is a case of working with these forward-thinking partners and brands and having a commercial rationale behind our thinking too. Another example of how we always go the extra mile – and always practise what we preach.

Do we have a way to go? Absolutely. Will we be deterred? Absolutely not. It’s these kinds of values that drove me when I founded this company 21 years ago – and these kinds of values that set us apart from others today.

by Rob Conway

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