Goodman Bedford Commercial Park & Bedford 405 Launch


September 5, 2019

CampaignWORKS were asked to provide support in the marketing of Bedford Commercial Park for Goodman. The aim of the marketing activity was to raise awareness for the launch of the park, generating interest and enquiries ahead of the completion of the site.

Campaign Activity

Activity included digital ads on key industry publication websites, an information pack to be used as a marketing tool by agents and on the landing page and marketing video which has been used on the landing page and shared on social accounts.

In addition, we ran a launch campaign for Bedford 405, Goodman’s high-quality distribution warehouse which is due for completion in Summer 2019. We focussed on the key logistics location of the property through the ‘Experience Pole Position’ campaign. The aim of the campaign was to build excitement surrounding the launch event for Bedford 405, engaging invitees to attend and take part in activities on the day, to then follow up and enquire about the property following the event.

We sent out emails to promote the launch event, building excitement through the on-site activities Scalextric and Virtual Racers, which were provided on the day, with engaging pull-up banners and leader boards. In addition, we provided gift-bags, with a double-sided insert for attendees to take away with a high-value prize.

Results and Feedback 

Feedback on the event was excellent, our client attended on the day and had the following feedback:

Everything was very well received on Tuesday and the racing challenges were extremely popular. They definitely appealed to the agents’ competitive natures!

The email results show high levels of engagement and interest in the event which saw roughly 33% attendee rate of invitees:

The ‘save the date’ email had an open rate of 86.07% and a CTR of 23.73%

The invite email had a 72.84% open rate and 23.73% CTR

The post-event follow up email had a 88.89% open rate and 30% CTR

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