Green Pledge #1 – how did we get on?


July 5, 2019

June saw us launch our Green Pledge initiative >. Our first pledge was to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we purchase – whether it’s a bottle of water, a salad or a takeaway coffee… we’re all guilty of succumbing to the convenient lifestyle that the majority of our supermarkets and shops promote. You see, it’s not just about recycling – we’ve been doing that for years. We want to make a sustainable difference to our planet and therefore we recognise that we’ve got to fundamentally change our habits.

So how did we get on?

“One thing I regularly throw away is a crisp packet – it’s not recyclable! However I have come across a charity that will collect wrappers (and pay for the postage from you), to turn them into insulating blankets for air ambulances., Artworker

“This has made me try much harder not to buy my favourite drink,  flavoured waters – which all come in plastic bottles. I find it hard when I’m in a hurry to get somewhere, work or otherwise as it’s so convenient to grab a bottle on the go!” Sarah, Group Account Director

“Swapping regularly wasted single use plastic bottles to a re-usable bottle was an easy switch that has made a big difference. But I do realise I can still do a lot more to help.” Alex, Account Manager

“I initially found it quite difficult to adjust and reduce the amount of plastic I was using. Although, I did wash out and keep the plastic containers my takeaway came in a few weeks ago

and I am still using these now to bring in salads/fruit etc to work. But I found I became less strict on myself towards the end of the month. As an incentive, maybe we could use a forfeit jar with all our pledges and we could put the money towards something we could all enjoy?” Sophie, Account Executive

“I would say the biggest thing for me has been the fact that this pledge has opened my eyes to the issue. Honestly, I had never noticed how much plastic is lining our shelves. That sounds like I’ve been locked in a cupboard for the last 15 years – but I’m being honest – until now I’ve not been challenged to consider it. I’ve realised I do want to make a change… reading about what my colleagues have been doing has given me some ideas.” Amy, Group Account Director

Our next steps are to agree what positive changes we can take from this experience to embed into our culture and integrate into our company policies. We’re not doing this for the feel good factor and a pat on the back – we need to make sure we are making changes for good. Watch this space for an update and to find out what our July pledge is going to be.

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