“Have your say…”


April 24, 2019

With dryer climates and an increasing population, water companies need to be better prepared – now more than ever – to ensure there is enough water for future generations.

The Water Resources Management plan (WRMP) is a long-term plan that sets out how much water is needed in the future, the challenges we will face, and how this need will be met.

Affinity Water were consulting on their revised draft initiative and wanted to give their customers and stakeholders the chance to have their say.

Not all of their audience have English as their first language. So, for the public to quickly understand the importance of their feedback, we produced an informative, animated video in-house which outlined the plan called ‘Have your say’. The video was uploaded to the Affinity Water website alongside the full plan and a short questionnaire to gain feedback. To promote the campaign, we also created cut down versions of the animation and static images for social media channels, as well as flyers, posters and email banners.




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