Mitsubishi Electric Chiller Campaign


April 8, 2019

Mitsubishi Electric are known for their robust and effective chiller solutions. But it is only recently with the acquisition of Climaveneta that Mitsubishi Electric can now offer the complete chiller range. Including a new modular range coupled with more traditional chillers, Mistubishi Electric can now offer the best of both worlds. Everything in comfort and process cooling, for hospitals, shopping centres, cinemas and food production.

An awareness campaign was needed. But not just hitting the audience with the usual channels. A new approach was needed to get their attention. We identified our key audience and where they commute and work. We chose an impactful poster rollout that would cover those key areas over a 12 week period. Coupled with a tube campaign with the same creative for maximum impact.

To get the message across in a simple, powerful way, we created a stand out campaign with the proposition – Mitsubishi Electric now have the complete range of commercial chillers available. Straight to the point.

This was backed up with infographics, an email campaign, Information videos, a comprehensive digital strategy covering display banners, a social media campaign. Full page press ads were also used to support advertorials in trade press. All with a CTA to sign up for an online webinar.

An internal campaign was also implemented to inform staff of the new campaign and to educate everyone on the benefits of Mitsubishi Electric Chillers.

Mitsubishi Electric have consistently the highest CTR of any emails we send out…”

MBS magazine


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