When a little is just not enough…


June 5, 2019

…introducing our CW Green Pledge

As a business, we do our best to consider the impact we have on the environment. You may have read about how the CampaignWORKS HQ is an old sawmill and it gets its heat from the river running next to it. You can read more about that here > 

But today we collected up all of the single-use plastic the office used in the last 24 hours (before we recycled it) and it confirmed to us that we’re just not doing enough.

We understand that if we really want to reverse some of the damage we have done to our planet then change needs to start with us. Which is why, as a team of unique individuals, all with very different lives outside of work, we’ve decided to come together and commit to making one simple change, or doing one simple act a month that helps us live cleaner, greener lives.

Each month will be a trial to see if we can think differently, act differently, or do something differently – and at the end of the month, the things that we realise we CAN do, we will build into our culture here at CW. We will encourage all our employees, present and future to adopt that one change as a way of life.

Month 1: Our first pledge

So to start our green journey our first pledge is to see if we can individually cut back on single use plastics. We have been discussing for some time and we’ve realised with a degree of shock, just how much we buy and dispose of in the very same day. In one way or another, all of us realised we fall foul of this anti-planet crime. So over the next month, each of us will think about how we are going to cut back.

We are all committed to trying different things; whether it be promising not to buy a coffee unless we have our reusable cup with us. Or choosing to make lunch for the week rather than buying individual lunches in disposable packaging. Everyone will have different ways of solving it. And at the end of the month we will share with you our successes (and failures!) and then look to incorporate some of the best ideas into our corporate environmental policy.

Wish us luck!

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