Why should I use animation?


May 13, 2019

Animation opens up an amazing world of possibilities. It allows you to communicate complicated messages, abstract information and can help you create a really unique, visual identity for your business.

Making a point quickly

As marketers we get told all the time ‘you only have an average of X seconds to get your point across before people click away from your website’ [the time varies depending on who you are talking to – either way it’s not long!]

Animation works really hard in a very short space of time. In that space it can communicate not only your business name/message but also a sense of your brand personality.

For example, a cartoon-style animation will suggest you are a fun, quirky business with a sense of humour.

Cinemagraphs can be a clever way of getting someone to look twice – like this social post we created for Living Well’s instagram page.


Within a few seconds you can communicate what you do; whether that is using text or simply acting it out using characters. Or both! Did you know, according to Forbes, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text? Executed cleverly, an animation can tell a story without words and in a very short space of time.

Communicate a message that is otherwise complex and let’s face it – dull.

Most companies have information that they have to tell their customers but really wish they didn’t. It could be legal information, it could be an explanation on how to use something. Either way it’s not exciting for the reader …but if they don’t read it, it causes them (and you!) issues down the line. This is a perfect opportunity to think about investing in an animation, saving you time and money in the long run.

Animation can bring to life even the most boring information. Introducing little, quirky characters or using clever movement and swift motion graphics to turn the mundane into an engaging piece of communication. And, as the previous point noted, animation can communicate information really quickly – transforming several boring paragraphs of text into a condensed but effective and memorable message.

Bringing character to your brand

In today’s online world anybody can communicate directly with celebrities, CEO’s, brands. We’ve created a world where information is on-tap; what was once invisible to the general consumer – like customer reviews, annual reports, operational efficiency, employee opinions – is now easily found by anyone. And consumers are demanding even more transparency from businesses. It has never been more important to project your company DNA, your culture and personality to your audience. Animation is a great way to communicate character and tell the emotional side of your brand story in a memorable and emotive way.

Value for money

Animations are 100% flexible because they are 100% controlled and designed by the animator. Whereas editing an interview with your CEO can prove tricky; an awkward laugh or a mis-placed breath restricting the point that the editor is able to make a cut.

But animation can be manipulated with ease, allowing you to have many edits of your final cut for use as a 5 second gif to share on social media or for the intro in a presentation.

A virtual experience

Animation can now help you provide a completely immersive experience through the latest AR and VR technology. We’re excited to see more and more of our clients wanting to explore this new, exciting and virtual world as it becomes more accessible and affordable – especially at events and conferences where the experience is arguably the most impactful.

In summary? Never underestimate how much value you can get out of an animation.

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