The new events mix.

Creativity, technology and sustainability - it’s all in the mix, and despite the uncertain times, the events industry is thriving. It’s clear that businesses are increasingly understanding the power of a well-executed, memorable event.

It is also true that budgets are being squeezed - but with a big dose of creative thinking and excellent use of cost-effective channels, there’s no reason why businesses can’t continue to connect in a direct and engaging way with their customers and employees. So let’s talk events.


of customers are more inclined to purchase after attending an experiential activation.


of marketers agree, live events provide opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world.


of corporate event planners care most about innovative ideas when planning corporate events.


of organisers say they plan on using virtual reality (+12% from 2017).

Augmented reality.

This is the growing trend that everyone is talking about.

Hilton wanted delegates at their General Managers conference in Dubai to be able to experience two new, virtual hotel rooms through AR technology. Using a 50m square space, we brought the rooms to life creating a memorable and exciting interaction. Talk to us if you want to find out how you can incorporate the latest tech into your next event.

Read more about this exciting event here >

Dubai's Head of Tourism and Chief Executive of Hilton exploring the virtual hotel room.

Pre-conference engagement.


If we have the data (and the consent!) we have no excuse not to personalise our comms when engaging with delegates ahead of a conference or exhibition.

If you are sending an email to your delegates, it’s worth remembering that according to MailChimp, just 2% of all emails include personalisation in the subject line – yet these emails generate 50% higher open rates than those that don’t.

Using a conference app?

Personalise the experience for each delegate, allowing them to build their own conference agenda and book meetings with other people attending the event. At past Hilton events, this has made the experience even more engaging.

Tell a story

Encourage speakers and high profile attendees to contribute to your pre-conference content with bite-sized thought pieces and opinions on your event theme – you should find many are willing to participate.

"Did you know that 72% of B2B marketers are heavily focused on creating engaging content ahead of their events?"

Brand activation – leverage your local partners.

Don’t forget to think outside the box when it comes to local brand activation and experiential activity. When we launched the Community Energy Scheme in Stoke, we got local businesses involved in the big hunt for our giant piggy-bank – and then we encouraged them to share photos and videos on their own local networks. A win-win for everyone involved.

The importance of sustainability.

If you are looking to host a more environmentally-friendly event then you must plan for it from the very beginning.

It is critical that all your contractors, suppliers, partners and sponsors contribute – everyone has a part to play. Many of our clients have committed to reducing their impact on our world and their events partner, we too support this vision.

Here are some stats from an Impact Report for a recent engagement event we ran, for 300 attendees, over 3 days, in Istanbul. There are so many things we can be doing to protect our planet – we just need to be prepared to think differently.

53 tons of carbon offset by investing in wind farm generating clean air.

all event stands printed locally and sent for recycling.

no plastic, branded pens supplied.

95% food sourced from local producers.

for every attendee a sapling was donated to the Memorial Forest.

lanyards made from bamboo and printed on FSC certified paper.

digital conference app replaced paper agendas and communications.

glasses and waterpoints provided saving 2,000 plastic bottles.

engagement forum promoting the vision for sustainability and work/life balance.

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