Be brave - film content is easier than you think.

Film content has continued to be transformed from being a marketing tactic to becoming an entire marketing strategy in its own right.

This levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes – today your content can sit next to the biggest brands. That might be a daunting thought – but we believe that the more authentic your content is – the more powerful the impact.


of respondents said the YouTube films they had watched related to something they were passionate about.


of viewers watch films all the way to the end.


of businesses now use film as a marketing tool.


of marketers say film has helped them increase traffic to their website.

Going big to celebrate 100 years

Sometimes you need to look at your ‘marketing canvas’ with fresh eyes and think differently about how you’re going to grab your audience’s attention.

We helped Hilton to celebrate their centenary with a film that showcased 100 years of incredible hospitality. An organisation built on excellence with a global audience, this film needed to capture the very essence of what Hilton has achieved during its storied history – especially as one of the key visual platforms for the film was the New York Stock exchange!

Animations make eye catching adverts on social media.

But don’t try to do too much in one animation – remember simplicity is key and your customer needs to be able to digest your message easily.

Opening up an amazing world of possibilities.

Animation can be a beautiful and sophisticated way of communicating a complex message - or it can be used to capture the personality and essence of your brand.

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a film compared to 10% when reading it in text? Read our blog to find out why animation is such a powerful marketing tool.

Read our blog

DW Windsor was looking for an engaging way to introduce a new smart-tech lighting project to their customers.

This beautifully simple and abstract film shows how animation can give something as simple as a dot on a page, a personality.

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