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Affinity Water


Brand values and philosophy


How does a new water company think?

The largest water only supplier in the UK had a new name but needed to express their values to team members, stakeholders and the wider public in a creative inspiring way.

Affinity Water, a company that had to get its values and philosophy out quickly not only to galvanise the internal team but also publish what they stand for, to their key stakeholders and the wider public.

How do you get across that you are driven by your passion to provide the best possible service to your customers?

Using research from team members at all levels, as well as key consumer feedback, we worked closely with the client to try to understand what exactly ‘Affinity’ stood for. It was this careful examination and analysis of the very soul of the brand that led us to put the emphasis on those things that made Affinity so different as a water company: understanding… connection… a true commitment to the communities they served. Out of that, we created “The Affinity Way – It starts and ends with our name and flows through everything we do.” This new purpose statement, which would help tell the story of the Affinity Water brand and serve as a positive statement for each and every member of the team going forwards. A set of unique graphics were produced for the total merchandising the head office, so each team member would get to know what Affinity Water stands for and deliver the required customer experience.

Affinity Water quickly became one of the UK’s leading water companies and achieved enhanced status by the industry regulator.

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