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Augmented reality hotel room


Showcase the latest bedroom designs

How do you showcase two new bedroom brand prototypes to an audience nearly 3,500 miles away?

Only one version of each new room type physically exists and are in constant use in situ within two UK hotels. Our challenge was that whatever solution we recommended, it would need to be used in several locations around the world over the next 12 months.

Shipping beds, TVs, showers, sinks and drawers in our environmentally aware world was not an option...

Virtual reality is too insular and only one person can experience it at any given time. We needed something a bit more fun and engaging, that a group of people could enjoy together. Augmented Reality seemed like the perfect solution.

We built an empty shell to the exact dimensions of each room. This meant you could stand in the room and visualise just how spacious the hotel bedrooms are. Now for the AR experience...

Taking 360º photos of the prototype rooms, we were able to stitch them together and produce a ‘magic window’. This consisted of a tablet that would carry our room in Augmented form. Perfect for popping in a suitcase and taking around the world.

With perfectly positioned trigger points, you could wave your magic window around the empty shell.

Windows, doors, desk and TV lining up perfectly where you would see them in reality. Sample walls mean that you could actually feel the textures of the furnishings, wall coverings and floor tiles. Coupled with a Smart TV experience that would be in every room, this was truly an ‘all senses’ experience.

The first outing in Dubai saw 1,000 delegates experience the rooms - with a lot less impact on the environment than shipping two complete hotel rooms there. The experience has proved so successful it has been used several times around the world including London, Amsterdam, Durban and Dubai.

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